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vacuum formed makeup tray
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What is vacuum forming?

The vacuum forming process takes plastic sheets, heats them to what is known as “transition temperature” and places those sheets in contact with a mould. The plastic sheets then form into the shape of the mould, via pressure from the vacuum.

It’s a highly versatile process and the perfect solution when you need too many units to time and cost-effectively fabricate by hand - and too few units for injection moulding.

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vacuum formed make up tray

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What can we do for you?

When it comes to vacuum forming, Fastrak can offer everything you could possibly need, in our own “one-stop-shop”. We have a dedicated in-house design team ready to help with everything from material selection, CAD / CAM designs and 3D visuals, through to the production of initial prototypes to bring your projects to life and prepare for production. At that point, our skilled fabricators will take over, producing high quality in-house tooling or introducing specialist aluminium tooling to produce those vacuum formed items that demand the maximum standards of precision.

If vacuum forming is the answer to your needs, feel free to ask us more questions.

Call Fastrak now on 01625 439966 or simply fill in the contact form online right now. We’re ready to help.